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Furniture upholstery services in Malvern designed to help you make a statement

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Bespoke furniture and upholstery specialists in Malvern, Worcestershire

Including the right furniture in a room can say a lot about who you are and the environment you’re trying to create. Whether you have an old piece which needs restoring to its glory days or you simply fancy a new style to match a different interior, we can help.

Thanks to our sewing and upholstery workshop in Malvern, we can provide complete furniture upholstery services. Simply tell us what you want, and our team of talented craftspeople will transform your piece of furniture into your dream design.

We also work with many notable British furniture manufacturers, so we can collaborate with them to create a bespoke piece of furniture to the highest standard.

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Our process

Before we can design and advise on any interior design project, we’ll arrange an appointment at your home or in our Malvern workshop. We think it’s important to learn about your ideas and discuss your requirements in more detail. Don’t worry, we always provide the biscuits.